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Sunday, January 24, 2016

What is an Ocular Migraine

Ocular Migraine 

From Wiki-pedia:

"Retinal migraine (also known as ophthalmic migraine, and ocular migraine) is a retinal disease often accompanied by migraineheadache and typically affects only one eye. It is caused by an infarct or vascular spasm in or behind the affected eye.
The terms "retinal migraine" and "ocular migraine" are often confused with "visual migraine," which is a far-more-common symptom of vision loss, resulting from the aura phase of the common migraine. The aura phase of migraine can occur with or without a headache. Ocular or retinal migraines happen in the eye, so only affect the vision in that eye, while visual migraines occur in the brain, so affect the vision in both eyes together. Visual migraines result from (cortical spreading depression) and are also commonly termed scintillating scotoma.

Ocular Migraines are a result of  transient monocular visual loss (scotoma) in one eye usually lasting an hour or so.  During some episodes, the visual loss may occur with no headache and at other times throbbing headache on the same side of the head as the visual loss may occur, accompanied by severe light sensitivity and/or nausea. Visual loss tends to affect the entire monocular visual field of one eye, not both eyes. After each episode, normal vision returns."

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